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Spiritual mentor and head of the BOC-BP Official Website:

His Eminence Metropolitan Seraphim of Nevrocop 

Address: 1000 Sofia, 4 Oborishte Str

Official site of St. Synod: www.bg-patriarshia.bg

Fax: (2) 989 76 00

Phones of St. Synod:

- Headquarters: (2) 987 56 11

- Archive: ext. 219

- Pass: ext. 201

Chief Secretary of Holy Synod of BOC-BP:

    His Eminence Bishop Gerasim of Melnik 
    Chancellery of Holy Synod of BOC-BP

Chief of Cabinet of the Bulgarian Patriarch

     Theodor Atanasov

     tel: 987 61 27, +359879259301
     e-mail: kabinet_bp@abv.bg

Head of Public Relations at Holy Synod of BOC-BP:

Economos Nikolay Georgiev

e-mail: bpcsynod.pr@gmail.com

Official site of BOC-BP:

    Administrator and website editor Angel Karadakov
     e-mail:  angel.karadakov@bg-patriarshia.bg

Official channel in YouTube:


Official Page at Facebook:


Official page of the Holy Synod Publishing House:


Last modified: 29.08.2019