Patriarchal Address about the global Covid-19 pandemic

02 April 2020 21:07, Българска Патриаршия
Patriarchal Address about global pandemic


In times of trials, our nation is being threatened by the expanding pandemic, when the disease is close to us and we see the suffering of the people, we are all called for to be responsible towards our neighbour, our nation and our Motherland. We clearly realize that we are in the most mystical time of the Church – the Holy Lent, days saturated with repentance and ceaseless prayer. Time for preparation and anticipation of the Feast of all feasts – the Resurrection of Christ!

With fatherly concern, we address you, dear brothers and sisters, to comply our everyday life with all the requirements of this state of emergency. We are calling for the recommendations of the Holy Synod and of the metropolitan bishops to be followed. Let us constantly the hope for the favourable ending of this severe trial for our nation. Our faith and the love of Christ which burn in us are a shield that is going to protect us from the challenges of the day. Let us not get despondent and despite the difficulties let us be with high spirits and pray ceaselessly! Let us abstain from any evil! Let us not forget Christ’s command:

“In the world you have distress, but rejoice! I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).

Having stayed in our homes, in front of the home icon, still and with repenting hearts, let us fix our eyes on Christ the Saviour with a prayer for healing of the sick and for supporting our doctors, our government and army and all who do not save their efforts in these hard times, as we pray like this:

“Lord Jesus Christ, our God, True Healer of the souls and bodies, Who showed such charity and made healthy people who were suffering physically and spiritually, receive favourably our prayer. God, Wonder Worker, with your strong power chase away the deadly virus that causes fear, suffering and death. In these days, when our faith is being tested, calm down the anxiety and heal the sick. Lord, stop the power of the disease, protect the youths and bring them to their senses. Support the sick and the elderly people and endow them with health, peace and high spirits under the intercession of our Sovereign Lady the Most Holy Theotokos, of our venerable father John of Rila, the Wonder Worker, of the Holy Christ’s Unmercenaries and Healers and of all saints.” Amen.

May God’s blessed help be with all of us!

May God protect Bulgaria!

† N E O P H Y T E





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